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Vegetarian Nachos

This recipe requies little to no effort. It's packed with fresh flavors and healthy to boot! I used to drink lemon water everyday religiously, but I have been slacking lately. I've found that squeezing a fresh lemon right over your meal is so refreshing, I'd prefer this over drinking it.  You will need: • Tortilla chips ( I use the Simply Nature brand from Aldi vegetable and flaxseed blend) • Avocado • 1-2 cloves of garlic • 1 lemon • Sour cream • Cayenne pepper 🌶️  Pour desired amount of chips into your bowl. Slice avocado 🥑 and arrange over chips. Season with salt and pepper. Squeeze juice of lemon🍋all over chips and avocado. Mince up garlic 🧄 and sprinkle on top. Scoop a dollop of sour cream on the side and generously sprinkle cayenne pepper 🌶️ over to your desired level of heat. I love the taste of the fresh flavors altogether. I did another version with queso on the side, and was just as good. If you liked this recipe leave me a comment! Check out what I'm up

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