Spinach Florentine Quesadillas

This is a lazy mom recipe when it's just been a hectic day. A no fuss dinner, or a  gourmet lunch! Either way, it's super simple, and packed with veggies!

 You will need:

• minced garlic

•1/2 onion sliced thin

• handful of spinach greens

•cherry tomatoes

•2 flour tortillas

•shredded mixed cheese

 Heat a skillet over medium high heat. Add in a tablespoon of butter or oil when pan is hot. Throw in onions and once they turn translucent, add in other vegetables.

Saute until vegetables are cooked and spinach has wilted. Remove mixture from pan. 

Add in some more butter or oil to pan, and place one tortilla in. Pour mixture on top, sprinkle with cheese, and layer on another tortilla.

Flip quesadilla over after three minutes and cook on both sides until golden brown and cheese has melted. 

Remove from heat, add a dollop of sour cream and cayenne pepper. Serve and enjoy!

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