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Are you considering having a home birth? Today I'll share with you my personal experience of a home birth and some tips to make things go smoothly! My first born was born in a birth center with my amazing midwife and her team of students and nurse. After 27 hours of labor my beautiful baby girl was born. No meds, no epidural, all natural. At 8 pounds 8oz I didn't even need a stitch! Wow that didn't seem so bad I told myself. I must be some sort of superwoman. After holding my bundle of joy and looking back on my great experience at the birth center with my midwife I knew I just had to have another. Inevitablely,  four months later I was pregnant again with my second. Feeling confident and strong, I thought it would be a piece of cake being I had a great experience before. At 32 weeks I started having slight contractions and lost my mucus plug. At 34 weeks full on contractions start. I call my midwife and she tells me I must go to the hospital it's too early for her to deliver the baby. Feeling anxious, confused,and scared my planned natural birth plan  does not go as I had hoped. Thankfully I gave  birth to a healthy baby boy but had a less than pleasant experience in the hospital. Petrified to ever have anymore children after my horrible experience, two years later I learned I was pregnant with our third child! Naturally I contacted my midwife and got in to see her. It just so happens that she was closing her birth center, and the rest of her staff that delivered our daughter had parted ways as well. Karen (my midwife) said she would be doing home births now. Well that shouldn't be so bad right? She delivered my daughter and would be doing it again, only at home. The thought of this still made me nervous but I knew I could not go back to the hospital. Well needless to say we had another beautiful birth to a big baby boy, 10 pounds even! I made it to 42 weeks and 2 days. 12 hours of labor all at home with my other two toddlers close beside to meet our newest edition. 

So let's go over some tips and essentials that helped me through!

This is crucial! I tell everyone you need that yoga ball! It takes so much pressure off your hips and pelvis not only during your pregnancy but also while your laboring. These are usually inexpensive. 

2. Take a shower or a warm bath.
The water relieves and somewhat subsides the contractions. For my first birth I got in the warm whirlpool water. This helped tremendously, but for me this delayed my moving up in centimeters. I was stuck at six centimeters for quite some time, hence looking back at my 27 hours of labor. I stuck with warm showers the third time around and worked very well for me.

3. Before it's time to push, walk around.
Walk around your home when contractions start. It doesn't have to be fast but this helps alleviate pain and also helps the baby start coming down the birth canal. 

4. Stay hydrated.
Drink water when you can and keep coconut water or Gatorade on hand, your going to need it. They call it labor for a reason.

5. Remain Calm.
This might seem like a smack in the face especially if your husband says it to you but it is true. Everytime a contraction comes think of a wave. It's eventually going to crash and come down and so will the contraction. Breathe your baby out and listen to your body. Soon your precious baby will be here!

Checklist of Essentials

•water/Gatorade/coconut water



•chux or heavy duty puppy pads

•baby clothes

•baby socks

•spare sheets


•matress protector

•something nutritious to eat after the birth

•nightgown or something comfortable 

Thanks for reading!
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