Birthday Party Checklist

Once summer arrives, it's back to back birthdays for us. Here's a quick checklist for your birthday party basics to stay planned and organized!

1.Party Decorations
Amazon has a wide variety of party packs for under $30. They usually have one in a theme I'm looking for too. They normally include balloons, or a balloon arch kit, tablecloths, birthday banners,and cake toppers. Of course each kit varies with what it comes with, but this makes it so much easier. I remember buying things individually,and I always forgot something!

2. Cake
We love to bake, but on a busy birthday our tradition is a Carvel ice cream cake. This is actually a tradition of mine since I was a child. My dad always had a Carvel ice cream cake every year for me. This also works out good because everyone's birthday is in the summer, so no baking in the heat!

Over the years I've learned to get less candy for these. This year I got only one assorted bag of candy filled with 30 pieces. I would normally get 100 pieces, but this is just way too much. We wind up having it for a week or two later and the kids just constantly ask for more of it. So basically, less is more! Filling it with small toys or party favors is something I plan on trying next time around.

4. Meal Plan
 If you plan on having guests or just don't want to spend the day in the kitchen, it's best to make ahead your main dish. If your doing a hot dish, you can make it the day before and then bake it the next day. If your doing a salad or dip you can make that the day before as well, so it's chilled and ready to serve. A few of my favorites are

-Baked Ziti
-Pasta or macaroni salad
-French onion dip
-Baked macaroni and cheese

5. Gifts

And of course gifts! Some kids prefer to go somewhere to make memories and some may ask for something in particular. Alot of people may not agree with this, but since I have more than one child, I always get a gift for the other kids. This prevents fighting and jealousy in my opinion. But do what's best for your family and situation.

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