Vegetarian Healthy Eating Meal Plan

While I sometimes find it hard to stay on a "healthy eating" schedule, between family outings and work, I'll walk you through what and ideal balanced day of eating looks like for me. I always have to start the day with coffee. Some days I will try to skimp on cream and sugar but I will admit this is rare. Since I'm mostly vegetarian I will try to have eggs for breakfast so I am getting some form of protein. I will normally fry up two eggs and maybe sprinkle some shredded cheese on top. I always have to dip them in something, and Sir Kensington Special Sauce is my new go to. 

Mid morning I might make one more cup of coffee. I use my Keurig, and even though it's not organic I have been drinking the Donut Shop Coconut Mocha flavor. It's really good and can keep me from avoiding Dunkin Donuts. After this I will drink a kombucha from G.T.  I also follow with either a green barley grass powder drink or the beet root powder mix.

Now I will usually take my vitamins. I try not to take the same vitamins everyday so I am not overloading my liver with the same things. One day I will do my women's multivitamin and the next I will do magnesium with a probiotic. Sometime during the mid afternoon I will take a hair, skin, and nails supplement as well. Make sure you are checking the ingredients on your vitamins, as I just found some Walmart vitamins I had in the cabinet and they had TALC in it! This is something you definitely do not want to be consuming. I also take the separate dose of magnesium to help with anxiety. 

If I start getting hungry in the afternoon I will mix up a chocolate or vanilla protein shake. 

When it's time for dinner, I will make a huge salad. I like the organic spring mix from Aldi. I will add chopped, tomatoes, garlic, onions, and basically anything I have extra of in the fridge. 

I like to finish the night off with a cup or two of green tea

Some days go exactly like this and some don't go exactly as planned. Don't beat yourself up and do what you can! Hope this helps, thanks for stopping by!


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