Instant Pot Shrimp & Vegetables

If you don't have an instant pot you are missing out! I've seen so much craze over instant pots on Pinterest and I'm all like "what's the big deal?" It looked like a crock pot and I already had one of those.(or multiple because some were solely for craft projects 😋). As I brushed through Pinterest for awhile i never gave it a second thought, until I saw the pioneer woman instant pot. I've followed the pioneer woman for years religiously. She's the ideal homemaker and so much more. So when I saw her instant pot I thought I had to give it a try. 
Skeptical to add another gadget to my cluttered kitchen, I quickly fell in love.
If you have a large family, cooking a meal in less than 30 minutes for your crew is an accomplishment. That's what this pot does.
My first meal I was amazed at how fast and easy it was to prepare dinner. And I don't know if it's just me but the food tastes better in the instant pot than it does on a traditional stovetop.

It is all stainless steel inside too which is a must for me while preparing hot food. So here is my quick shrimp and vegetable recipe for a family of five.

In this instance I did not use the instant pot setting. I cook on saute for the whole recipe.

I'll use all frozen food as this was a last minute meal before a food shopping trip. Plus I use staples in the freezer that are ready to get used up. And I will run warm water over everything first to slightly defrost or thaw out.

I will set the instant pot to saute, wait a minute for it to get hot then add in my organic olive oil. If you like, mince some garlic and go ahead and add it in. Next I will add my string beans and broccoli. I'll use salt,pepper,and  garlic powder. I also have a smoked cheddar burger seasoning that I got from Aldi that I add in. After the vegetables are fragrant and start to turn green I add in my shrimp. I finish off by adding some Sir Kensington Dijon Balsamic Vinaigrette.
This vinaigrette is delicious. But be careful not too add to much because it is spicy and salty. I accidentally added a little too much at first. It was a bit spicy but it's very delicious. I unfortunately  am unconventional in many ways and I do not make measurements. For years as a hairsdresser I was told to "eyeball" everything when creating formulas. I've carried this over to my cooking where I like to eyeball amounts of things. I do not like to measure by any stretch. If you are good at this and find a perfect ratio please leave me a comment and share.  

After the shrimp turns pink your ready to serve! 

I also made a side dish of rice on the side as I didn't think this would be enough to serve everyone, but it turned out everyone was full before even having the rice!

Ta da! An instant meal in minutes and a hit to get everyone eating some veggies and protein. 

If you like this recipe leave me a comment!

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