Ibotta Savings!

After years of on and off couponing, I've finally got back on board with Ibotta!

I've gotten great deals with couponing but I've also made alot of mistakes. Sometimes I've found myself just buying something just because I had a coupon for it just for the "rush" of getting the deal.😂 This is crazy I know, but I know there are a lot of you out there that do it too! After I realized this was a problem I canceled my coupon subscription and deleted my Ibotta app. I found myself in the grocery store for hours matching up items with Ibotta. 

So after a little hiatus, I felt like it was time to give it another go. It never fails, every autumn season I always get the itch to coupon. I think it reminds me of the last days with my mom. I used to cut coupons on the living room floor with her, and it was an autumn season and that was her favorite time of year.

But this time I had a game plan. I was only going to buy things I needed. We try to eat only organic and use the least ingredient personal products. So that is only what I'm going to buy!

Now Ibotta has updated it's app! You can actually make purchases online and receive cash back just by linking your account to your available store! Super easy and convenient if your an online shopper like me!
I have my Walmart app linked to Ibotta and so far for the month of September I have received $68 cashback. And it's only September 10th! 

I normally buy parents choice diapers online at Walmart but they are completely sold out of every size diapers. Ibotta has a $3 rebate for Luvs diapers any size box. I was paying $29 for 208 diapers after the rebate. (Size 6) It was a great deal. They have recently upped the price. I was lucky to get the deal twice so far.

Some of the deals I have scored this month include 

Annies organic cheddar bunnies
Annies organic grahmn

Tom's of Maine flouride free toothpaste

Tom's of Maine deodorant

Late July chips

Organic kettle chips

Kashi granola bars and cereal

Horizon organic chocolate milk

Seventh generation dish soap


Suave 3 -in- kids wash

Lensi chickpea pasta

Banza pasta and Mac and cheese

Non GMO to-go olives

Sir Kensington variety condiments

I've stocked up on these items as they are great staples in my household. I even recieved an extra $6 bonus for completing special offers! And I am close to achieving a $20 bonus as well! 

So basically if you plan smart and know what your going to buy it can work out really well! 

If you would like to check it out or join my team so we can earn together click here!

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