Hurricane Supplies Checklist

We are in the peak of hurricane season now here in Florida. Originally a northern native, I've learned a thing or two prepping for this time of year. So here is my quick list of essentials for hurricane season or anytime of the year. It never hurts to be prepared for bad weather, etc.

We use the Royal Berkey Filtration System all year round, but with water main breaks you don't want to chance it. We'll stock up on regular bottled water as a given, but also use the Berkey
to fill up our regular thermoses so they are full of clean water and ready to go. 

We have a special pantry just for hurricanes. This is filled with :

I'll normally but this in bulk on Amazon throughout the year. When it's down to the last minute I'll go to Publix and grab the BOGO deals on crackers, granola bars, canned fruit,chips, and Pop tarts.

Zip up valuables
Put all important documents, cash, jewelry, etc. in Ziplock Bags. Anything you don't want getting wet zip up in a bag. If there's flooding or water getting in the house all of these things will be protected. And if your leaving in a hurry you can grab everything quickly.

Shine bright
I normally will group everything together in a large Tupperware bin in case the lights go out. This will include candlesflashlightsflameless candlesbatteries, matches, and lighters. I'll keep it right on the counter so everything is accessible and I'm not scrambling around in the dark. 

If you happen to know in advance that the hurricane is coming try to get all your laundry done, you'll thank yourself later!

Let me know if these tips work for you or if you have a suggestion for me! Thanks for stopping by ✌️

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