DIY Rose Gold & Jasper Layered Necklace

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Rose Gold And Jasper Layered Necklace

Make your own layered necklace in no time! Read the instructions to see just how easy it is to make this trendy DIY!


Cut three 25" lengths of floss. Set two aside.


Attach a collapsible needle to one end of a floss length and thread about 17" of Rose Gold seed beads.


Tie each to a separate jump ring and add a dab of glue to the knot. Set aside to dry.


Determine a 16" pattern of blue faceted beads and Rose Gold seed beads. Repeat Step 2 to add the bead pattern to a second floss length and Step 3 to attach to two separate jump rings. Set aside to dry.


Now, cut about 4" of copper wire. Make a wire wrapped loop on one end. To do this, grasp the wire with your round nose pliers about 1" from the end. Bend the shorter end of the wire to a 90° angle over the top of your pliers (the longer side of the wire should be pointing down). Adjust your grasp, if needed, and with your chain nose pliers, pull the shorter end down and across the bottom of your round nose pliers.

TIP: The shorter end should now be perpendicular to the longer end of the wire that is pointing down.


Use your chain nose pliers to wrap the short wire around the longer end a few times. Trim the end as flush as you can against the longer wire.

TIP: Use your round nose pliers to shape the loop, if needed.


Thread the longer end of your wire through your chosen Jasper bead. Bring the end up and around; then twist up the wire below the loop created in Steps 5-6. Trim excess wire as flush as possible.


Determine an 8" pattern of white shell beads, blue faceted beads and Rose Gold seed beads for each side of the last floss length. Repeat Step 2 to add the first 8" pattern. Next thread 1" of Rose Gold seed beads, the created loop on top of your Jasper bead, another 1" of Rose Gold seed beads and the remaining 8" bead pattern.


Repeat Step 3 to attach to two separate jump rings. Set aside to dry.


Arrange your necklace layers on your working surface. Open a new jump ring and thread on the three separate jump rings on one side of the layered necklace and close the jump ring.

TIP: To open and close a jump ring, simply grasp the jump ring on both sides with chain nose pliers and twist the ring open, from side-to-side. Never pull the jump ring which can cause distortion.

Repeat Step 10 for the other side but include a lobster clasp before you close the new jump ring.

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