Organizing Your Space

Since I was a kid I always lined my dolls up from smallest to largest, color coordinated my closet, and did routine purging. Now in my 30s, with three kids under the age of 5, I sometimes feel like I'm drowning in clutter and toys. My love for bargain shopping doesn't help as I will take quantity over quality any day, but we'll save that for another day😉

So if you are similar to me or can relate then let's dive into some techniques that can help.

•Start Small
This can seem easier said than done, but if you think about reorganizing everything all at once it can be overwhelming. Really overwhelming. Like I'm just gonna sweep it under the rug for awhile and maybe things will fix itself. And that doesn't work, because I tried 😁.

Start with your nightstand. Take everything off and out. Clean thoroughly. Replace wanted items back neatly in drawers and display something pretty on top. That's a quick and easy first step. It's not very time consuming and has almost instant gratification! That fuels motivation for moving on to other bigger things.

Rearrange Neatly
I have a love hate relationship with the kitchen counter. I fantasize of sparkling counters with a fruit bowl and a set of cannisters. My significant other on the other hand likes to pile keys, receipts, nuts and bolts, dvds, etc. on this precious space. I somehow become the bad guy if I start moving these things around. I guess they are not my belongings and I should just leave them alone, but my inner OCD will sometimes just not let me walk away. I will go ahead and add the small trinkets to a decorative jar, store bought or one that I have decopauged and decorated. Add loose papers and combine to folders. Keep mail in a designated mail holder, and hide all receipts and combine to one envelope. 

If you have artwork from your kids you can store in file folders or start decorating their playroom. I've started hanging most of the artwork right up on the walls.  The kids love it ! 

Hide The Ugly.
You heard me. No one wants to see that collection of bottle caps. Once you start organizing each small space you will realize you actually have alot of space after all. So put the not so nice things in your new cleaned out drawers or closets! Save the shelves and tabletops for something pretty and calming. I love real or faux plants. This just makes things peaceful and is easy on the eyes.

Finally purge. I hate this word but sometimes it's necessary. I'm not going to tell you to throw something away because you don't use it anymore, but if it's time then I would consider donating, or selling it online first before you aim for the pail. I've been selling online for years just from things around the house that I don't need anymore. It's a great way to declutter and make some extra cash.

Let me know if these tips work for you or if you have any suggestions for me!
Thanks for stopping by💖

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