Look Slimmer Style Tips

Look Slimmer Style Tips

If your carrying a few extra pounds around and dreading getting dressed in the morning, then follow these simple tips to look ten pounds slimmer!

1. Wear a cardigan or a vest
While I used to love wearing a tight t-shirt and skinny jeans, the mirror suggests I shouldn't. Butttt, if you pair that t-shirt and skinny jeans with a trendy vest or cardigan it instantly hides any mid-shaft rolls or back fat. I love my cardigans. I usually aim to get flowy ones so nothing is to clingy to me. Sleeveless ones in a vest type style are great for summer time. 

2. Get High Waisted Pants
 Not only trendy, but these are a life saver if your carrying a spare tire around your waist. They generally will smooth out anything that looks uneven. I wear a size 14. They are a little big but I have room to breathe they aren't skin tight. Stay away from low rise cuts as these will make you look bigger than you are. 

3. Oversized Shirts & Leggings
I'm an 80s baby, and I love anything retro. I love to pair an oversized shirt with leggings. It's casual and comfortable. There's nothing worse than a shirt that is just too small. You might feel like you look bigger in a bigger shirt but chances are you look smaller if your concealing any lumps and bumps. Ad an oversized belt at your waist to create an empire style. This will accentuate your bust and give the illusion of a small waist. 

4. Add Accessories
I love costume jewelry. Unfortunately, in my case I am allergic to fake metals. But if you stack bangles, oversized rings, or a statement necklace, this will be more of a focal point.


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