Library Haul!

I'm super excited to share my library haul. We've always been library goers, but now especially with the kids this is a great place to expand their horizons. They love educational books and dvds, but sometimes they are not so gentle with these things. So getting them used already hurts your soul a little less when they're scraping that brand new DVD across the floor or drawing a 🌈 rainbow on that brand new book. 

Needless to say I tried renting these items from the library but they are still just  too young for this, at least my 3 year old is.

So check around for books and dvds that are for sale. They are normally $1 or less!

This week I got 14 books and 10 DVD's for $9.50! 

Often I find old school school books like when I was kid. I tend to get as many of these as I can as now schools use tablets and laptops. I just love the feel of a text book and I want my kids to have the same feeling before these books go extinct. 

Let me know how it goes at your library! Thanks for stopping by✌️


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