DIY Birthday Baskets!

It's August and my back to back summer birthdays are coming to an end. Usually by this time I am birthdayed out. I decided to do some online shopping at Hollar. Since the kids have almost one of everything I wanted to just try and make fun baskets that they could just dig into. For my son's birthday I wrapped everything individually. Not only was this time consuming because I waited until the last minute, they really aren't fond of unwrapping presents anyway.

I spent $83 and change. But I also made a basket for my middle son. So about $40 a basket. I did purchase a pinata. I thought I was getting a steal for $5. When it got here it was the size of my hand.

I guess I should have checked the dimensions? I didn't know there were miniature pinatas, I must have been living under a rock.

This is the new pinata, closest thing I could find to a unicorn last minute, as I have been telling the kids for weeks about this great unicorn pinata. So you can imagine my disappointment when I opened the box.

The new pinata was $20 at Walmart. Of course I would have factored this into my original budget, but that was a nice little last minute surprise.

I got a bunch of these dry erase books. The kids are learning to write but are not quite ready for a real workbook. These are amazing for the price and great if your are homeschooling.

Some more stuffers above. I also got the baskets in a set of three for just $5. That way they can reuse it and store all the new toys in it. Another reason why I opted out of wrapping paper. Plus I get one extra basket for myself. Heehee😁

Alright, so here's what the finished baskets look like.

Well the kids loved it so it was a hit. Let me know what you think or if you have any gift basket ideas!
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