Affordable Toddler Birthday on a Budget

Affordable Toddler Birthday on a Budget

Today I'll share with you some tips for an affordable birthday on a budget. With my son just turning 3 and my daughter still 3 until she turns 4 next month, of course I get her some presents to open so she doesn't feel left out. I know, I know, they have to learn these things, it's not her birthday yet so she should wait until it's her birthday, but to avoid a fight I will spend a few dollars more to keep the peace.  

Ok so let's get to it. 

This is an easy one you can't go wrong with. But this comes into play with buying for the other child as well, so its inexpensive. And who doesn't love some brand new coloring books and a fresh pack of crayons. Of course after they're broken in my son likes to break them in half and my daughter likes to peel the paper off but that's beside the point so let's move on.

We had these on our ceiling before we had the kids. Naturally they were fascinated by them, so easy peasy one pack each. The ones I got now come with clear elastic so you can actually hang them from the ceiling versus just sticking them on.

I'll let my son unwrap this but this is something they can obviously both share. They have all the cookie cutters and play dough tools so this is just a new set.

I always like to get something educational so they can learn too. As I plan to homeschool them this gives a head start as well. 

5. DVD's
My kids have always had an obsession with the DVD player. They are fascinated by opening and closing it. While I try to keep electronics to a minimum I allow tv time but try to aim again for educational. PBS has great educational shows like Super Why and Word World

Hope these tips help! Leave a comment and let me know if it works for you or if you have any ideas to share! 

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