Quick eyebrow tutorial

Do you have sparse, barely noticeable eyebrows? I'm a natural brunette and my eyebrows are very faint and light. Today I'm going to show you how I fill them in to look more bright eyed, awake, and natural! So below we will look at a photo of me au natural with my eyebrows in their natural state.

Yikes! Ok so now I am just going to freehand and follow the natural arch of my brows with my Avon True Color Glimmerstick (in dark brown) along the outermost edges to form the shape. So let's take a look.

Now we are going to use an angle brush and use soft gentle stroke to fill in the center. I like to start closer to the ends of the eyebrows and work my way up to the thicker part. This creates a more natural less harsh or "sharpie" effect. Sometimes I will even do very light strokes near the thickest part of the brow to create an ombre effect.
So let's see the finished result.

I am also a big fan of doing my foundation and powder before the eyebrow step just to "set" the brows and they don't grease off.

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